A comparison of intellectual capital management of dow chemical and gordon petrash

About intellectual capital and intangible assets from the theoretical and standards side it will arouse the readers to make discussion about the treatment, valuation and measurement of intellectual capital. Innovation strategy for the knowledge economy is intended for managers who have practiced the best of quality and re-engineering management techniques and are ready to transform their organizations with the systematic notions of knowledge creation and application. These emerging new concepts are effectively and creatively linked together and paint a clear picture of the possibilities of the future'gordon p petrash, global director, intellectual asset & capital management, the dow chemical company. Knowledge management (km) of intellectual capital has become a central theme in today's business environment and a commonly cited source of competitive advantage this paper argues that one of the main drivers of knowledge-related organizational problems is the dispersed nature of organizational knowledge. Sullivan described the value extraction process as a three-level hierarchy, with intellectual property management, focus on defined patents, trademarks and copyrights, at the bottom intellectual asset management, a broader view of the knowledge of the firm, in the middle, and intellectual capital management, the most sweeping concept.

There is no timetable, dow's global director of intellectual assets and capital management, gordon petrash, hopes to publish this kind of information in a supplementary annual report in order to enable analysts, shareholders, and other investors to. Like many forward-looking organizations, dow chemical co has put machinery in place to increase the leverage of its intellectual assets through licensing a licensing competency center has been established to evaluate and negotiate licensing opportunities, with improvement targeted at a tripling of. Learn the fundamentals, practices and models of intellectual capital management with this essential resource providing a business-oriented, critical review of the definitions, practices, tools and mo. Our services team is led by gordon petrash, a recognized thought leader his background includes being a partner with pricewaterhousecoopers and global director of intellectual asset & intellectual capital management at the dow chemical company.

The executives include gordon petrash, who created and led dow chemical company's market-leading intellectual asset management (iam) operations and nigel davies, who has nearly 20 years of experience leading the development of enterprise software solutions. Field of intellectual capital management (icm), professor al-ali designed and teaches a course on icm as a business management approach for the management of human capital, knowledge and intellectual property in the new economy at franklin pierce law center. (c) previously global director, intellectual assets & capital management at dow chemical (ref13) (d) previously manager, department of business practices at wyeth-ayerst pharmaceuticals, a division of american home products (ref5. Comprehensive intellectual capital management comprehensive intellectual capital management step-by-step nermien al-ali john wiley & sons, inc ∞ this book is printed on acid-free paper. Gordon petrash, a global director at dow chemical co, defines km as getting the right knowledge to the right people at the right time so they can make the best decision [hibbard, 1997] according to another author, knowledge.

--—gordon petrash, formerly of dow chemical company and the leader of the intellectual asset management initiative and currently chief strategy officer at delphion [322. Gordon petrash is recognized as a world thought leader on the subjects of intellectual asset and capital management his work on intellectual asset management at dow chemical is widely recognized as an exemplary study into how corporations can manage their intellectual assets and improve the bottom line. Some of them define parts of intellectual capital as set of knowledge (petrash, 1996 s á nchez et al, 2001) but knowledge is not the single component of intellectual capital, although it is probably the most important one. The real breakthrough on innovation asset management or, more precisely, on its part related to patent portfolio, have been achieved by gordon petrash and colleagues working at that time at dow chemical.

A comparison of intellectual capital management of dow chemical and gordon petrash

Dow chemical the model of intellectual asset management developed by petrash and his colleagues, involved six phases: strategy, competitive assessment, classification, valuation. The value platform model was developed as a collaborative effort by edvinsson (skandia), onge (the mutual group) and petrash (dow chemical) the model classifies ic as: intellectual capital = human capital + organisational capital + customer capital. Notes 1 gordon petrash, intellectual asset management at dow chemical, in p sullivan (ed), prof- iting from intellectual capital (new york: john wiley & sons, 1998), p 206 2 id, pp 214-215 3 special thanks are due to jan hoffmeister, skandia group vice president of intellectual capital management, for his gracious support and. The exploration of gordon petrash in the field of intellectual capital management more essays like this: gordo petrash, intellectual capital management, dow chemical.

The person who has done the most to uncover the hidden values of intellectual capital is skandia's leif edvinsson in the fall of 1991, edvinsson, 48, who has an mba from the university of. By gordon petrash chief intellectual property strategist at delphion inc thanks to the new merger accounting rules promulgated by the financial accounting standards board (fasb), investors and other corporate stakeholders can gain unprecedented visibility into the way companies manage their intangible assets.

The increased concentration in recent years on the ''knowledge management'' practices of organisations can be seen in the work of petrash (1996) on ''intellectual asset management'' in the dow chemical company, and the management practice of ''intellectual capital'' in scandia inc (edvinsson and malone, 1997. Measuring and reporting intellectual capital: experience, issues, and prospects amsterdam dow chemical (petrash, 1996), and many other companies (eg, stewart. Embodiments of the present disclosure include organic polymeric particles, paper coating compositions, coated paper, and methods of forming coated paper with the paper coating compositions. He is a frequent contributor ofarticles on intellectual capital management for leading journals,the author of profiting from intellectual capital, and the coauthorof technology licensing: corporate strategies for maximizing value,both published by wiley.

a comparison of intellectual capital management of dow chemical and gordon petrash Through intellectual asset management (iam)  gordon petrash  market valuation of both caterpillar and dow chemical is now in excess of their book value.
A comparison of intellectual capital management of dow chemical and gordon petrash
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